bLOG 8

  • the names of the two data bases:
  • Physics: ProQuest Science Journals and Science Direct
  • Moorehead, C. (2005). In the name of security. Index on Censorship, 34(1), 31-36. doi:10.1080/03064220512331339436
  • The Topic: nuclear physics and peaceful applications
  •  Political Science: CIAO and PAIS International
  •  The topic: Freedom of speech in the Middle east
  • Media-charter: Pan-arab media charter is challenged.(2008). The Middle East Reporter Weekly, 127(1492), 13-13. Retrieved from PAIS International database.
  • Andersen, L. E. (2008). Freedom of speech, battle over values, and the political symbolism of the muhammad drawing: An analysis of how the cartoon crisis about the muhammad drawings developed in 2006 Danish Institute Internat Studies. Retrieved from
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    1. jayme Says:

      We need to discuss this entry – I don’t understand it!

      Ms Jayme

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