Blog 4

1.My choosen topic: Torture in Egypt

My search statement: Tortur* AND Egypt*.

2.*  I found  16 articles result

* Citation (APA):

Moorehead, C. (2005, January). IN THE NAME OF SECURITY. Index on Censorship, 34(1), 31-36. Retrieved March 3,2009, doi:10.1080/03064220512331339436. AUC library.

3. I have found 4 scholarly journal articles.

Article: “In the name of security”

Its Citation (MLA)

Moorehead, Caroline. “IN THE NAME OF SECURITY.” Index on Censorship 34.1 (Jan. 2005): 31-36. Academic Search Complete. EBSCO. AUC Library, Cairo, Egypt. 3 Mar. 2009

4. The article is:

“Clinton’s Last Push for Peace.”


Jones, Lucy. “Clinton’s Last Push for Peace.” Washington Report on Middle East Affairs 20.2 (Mar. 2001): 33. Academic Search Complete. EBSCO. [Library name], [City], [State abbreviation]. 3 Mar. 2009 <;.




One Response to “Blog 4”

  1. jayme Says:

    Hi, Amr,

    You lose a point for forgetting to change the place to AUC Library, Cairo, Egypt.

    Ms Jayme

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